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Question, few years back I changed the CV axles on 2012 Tundra, i noticed it did leak alot of some kind of fluid, but i never really cared to refill it(i was younger and just ready to get done with it). Im assuming the transfer case fluid will take care of that or am I in need of a mechanic? Nothing has broken on it, besides the abs sensor harness i damaged when installing the leveling kit myself lol
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Great video. Minor point that I think I've heard you mention elsewhere: @12:01: Beware filling the brake fluid reservoir to the max line with worn brake pads. When you put new pads and compress the pistons, it might cause the reservoir to overflow.
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Thank you for the refresher! I'm upgrading my suspension with coilovers struts so I'm replacing appt of other suspension and steering parts. I'm making my list, like santa hahaha....need a breaker bar, torque wrench and grease gun and I should be set. Unfortunately I couldn't find greasable tie rod ends but I did find greasable stabilizer bars. I drive a 2014 smart for two pure and it's about at 60k miles. Take care Chris. Really enjoy your videos!
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With vehicle on jack stands turn wheel lock to lock for no more than 3 seconds several times with engine running. This will remove more air from system
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Chris, well done, as usual. Your cinematography and timing are super clean and you obviously have a knack for 'fixing' things. Good job my friend.
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